The fees for using GF Pay to load balance onto these prepaid virtual cards are:

  • $10 card creation
  • 5% load fee
  • Foreign exchange fees may apply if purchases are made in a currency other than the card's native currency.

Find the answer in this FAQs or submit a ticket.

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None of these cards are available in sanctioned countries. Please consult the individual product descriptions for details of each card type.

It depends on the speed of the selected blockchain.

If you choose Bitcoin, it could take between 15 and 45 minutes. For faster blockchains, no more than a few minutes.

We ask users to leave a prudent amount of time before contacting us. The vast majority of support requests are due to not waiting for our system to register blockchain confirmations.

As mentioned above, it is often the case that you simply have to wait a few minutes. 

However, there are some other common causes: 

1) CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER! Other than simply waiting a bit longer, the most common solution to support requests is to check in your Spam, Promotions or Newsletters folder.

2) Typo in the supplied email address.

If you have written the email address incorrectly, the email cannot be delivered. You will need to submit a ticket in order for us to check.

3) You have unsubscribed from our emails

In order to conform with anti-spam rules, it is possible to unsubscribe from all emails from GFPay. If you do this, you will not receive emails from the card issuing/refill system either. Contact us for assistance.


The description of each card type will include instructions on how to add them to mobile wallets, when applicable. Instructions will also be either in the email you receive or on the website from which you redeem your card.

Some of the prepaid virtual debit cards do NOT have 3D Secure (like 2FA for card transactions) and, therefore, they will not be useable if the merchant/platform requires 3DS. Visa, Mastercard or the issuing banks may choose to restrict their services in specific countries, regions or even for specific merchants. This is entirely at their discretion. Merchants and PSPs may choose to not accept prepaid virtual debit cards. This is out of our control and is covered by our terms and conditions.

These crypto-funded prepaid virtual debit cards can be used anywhere Mastercard virtual prepaid cards are accepted, at least in the issued native currency, either using the card number, expiry and CVC code or with touch and pay (contactless/NFC) POS terminals when added to mobile wallets.

No. By swapping your crypto to fiat balance on a prepaid virtual card, you have effectively sold/off-ramped said digital assets.

Occasionally, Mastercard prepaid cards can be declined. The most common causes and solutions are:

  • Insufficient funds. Load more funds.
  • A particular merchant of payment service provider has blocked prepaid cards. This is out of our control, so you must find an alternative merchant. Do not be alarmed if the POS terminal states something such as "Potential Fraud". This is misleading and due to the configuration of the terminal itself.
  • The card has been flagged for potential fraud. Although this can seem alarming, it is likely that we can request that the bank unblocks the card.
  • You are attempting to purchase what is known as a "quasi cash" item, which is not permitted for this kind of card. This can include cryptocurrencies, travellers cheques, gift cards and similar items. We are unable to change these policies.